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Endless Legend
The Stanley Parable

Endless Legend Achievements for guyblade (88 / 139)

Accomplishments - (21 / 22)

Maxed Out - Activate all the 4th levels in the Empire Plan.
Cash Cow - Have one city which produces more than 1 000 Dust.
Harvester - Have one city which produces more than 1 000 Food.
Labs and Fabs - Have one city which produces more than 1 000 Science.
Massively Mass Production - Have one city which produces more than 1 000 Industry.
Corridors of Power - Have one city which produces more than 500 Influence.
Deep Mole - Perform 5 infiltration actions without leaving the infiltrated city.
I Came I Slew I Scampered - With a spy, return a governor to his owner's academy without being detected.
What's Yours is Mine - Capture a city containing a Legendary Building.
All Roads Lead to Me - Get 20 trade routes or more starting from, crossing or reaching your empire.
Just in Case - Have 100 of each strategic resource.
Who, Me? - Attack a friendly army with privateers.
BFFs - Finish a game while never breaking an alliance you made at least 100 turns ago.
Madder than Max - Kill a roving city.
Stimulated - Have 5 active luxury boosters at the same time.
Way Better Than Napoleon - Conquer 5 cities during a single winter.
Squirreling Away - Use a Food, a Science, and an Industry stockpile in one game.
Collect'em All - Have the 5 different Guardians at the same time.
Marvelous - Have the 5 Legendary Buildings at the same time.
Cultured Pearl - Collect 1 Pearl Cluster with a value of at least 20.
String of Pearls - Collect 1 000 Pearls in one game.
Jeweller's Shop - Unlock all Blessings of the Altar of Auriga in one game.

Accumulation - (8 / 12)

Toe in the Water - Play for 10 turns, across any number of playthroughs.

Heroic Patience -

Endless Gamer -

Resistance Is Useless - Pacify 500 villages, across any number of playthroughs.

Me and Croesus - Gain 1 000 000 of Dust, across any number of playthroughs.
Homeland Serenity - Capture 10 spies, across any number of playthroughs.

Plunderiffic - Pillage 30 buildings, across any number of playthroughs.

Sticky Fingers - Get 500 Dust by pillage.

Helping Hand -

Scourge of Auriga - Kill 1 000 units, across any number of playthroughs.

Pearl Addiction - Collect 10 000 Pearls, across any number of playthroughs.

Devotion - Spend 1 000 prayers on Winter votes, across any number of playthroughs.

Beginner - (5 / 5)

Boot Camp - Finish the basics of tutorial.
Making Friends - Assimilate 3 minor factions.
Real Estate Mogul - Build 100 improvements in your entire Empire in one game.
The Bigger They are... - Kill a Guardian.
Urban Sprawl - Have 3 city tiles at level 2 in one of your cities.

Completion - (4 / 4)

Know Thy Enemy -

What's Mined is Mine - Exploit each kind of strategic resource in one game.
Heedful, Deedful - Complete all the Legendary Deeds, across any number of playthroughs.

Guinea Pig - Use a booster of each luxury resource, across any number of playthroughs.

Customization - (2 / 2)

I Did It My Way - Win with a Custom Faction.
I Built it my Way - Win a game with generation presets other than default.

Difficulty - (7 / 7)

Cruise Control - Win a game in Newbie or higher difficulty against AI.
Asleep at the Wheel - Win a game in Easy or higher difficulty against AI.
Just Warming Up - Win a game in Normal or higher difficulty against AI.
Strove, Sought, Found, Did Not Yield - Win a game in Hard or higher difficulty against AI.
Barely Broke a Sweat - Win a game in Serious or higher difficulty against AI.
Piece of (True) Cake - Win a game in Impossible or higher difficulty against AI.
The Learner Is Now the Master - Win a game in "Endless" difficulty against AI.

Early Game - (4 / 4)

Cities Builder - Have two cities in less than 15 turns.
Fast Start - Be the faction with the highest score at turn 25 playing on hard or higher difficulty.
Quick Out of the Blocks - Be the faction with the highest score at turn 25 playing on Endless difficulty.
Pheidippides - Explore 1 000 tiles before the 50th turn.

Faction - Ardent Mages - (2 / 2)

No Pain, no Gain - Win with the Ardent Mages.
Landscaping - With the Ardent Mages, have 5 pillars at the same time.

Faction - Broken Lords - (2 / 2)

Un-Broken - Win with the Broken Lords.
The Not So Broken Lords - With the Broken Lords, have a district producing more than 10 Dust.

Faction - Cultists - (2 / 2)

The End is Nigh - Win with the Cultists of the Eternal End.
I <3 Minions - With the Cultists, have 20 converted villages at the same time.

Faction - Drakken - (3 / 3)

Diplomeisters - Win with the Drakken.
Fighting for Peace - With the Drakken, win a game without having been in war.
Dungeons & Drakken - As the Drakken, exploit at least 5 ruins at the same time.

Faction - Forgotten - (3 / 3)

Unforgettable - Win a game with the Forgotten.
Cheaters Come Out Ahead - With the Forgotten, be the first to reach the 2nd Era.
IP Piracy - With the Forgotten, steal 10 researches.

Faction - Necrophages - (2 / 2)

(Belch!) - Win with the Necrophages.
Battlefield Buffet - With the Necrophages, use 10 recycled stockpiles in one game.

Faction - Roving Clans - (2 / 2)

Ka-ching! - Win with the Roving Clans.
Internal (and External) Revenue Service - With the Roving Clans, get more than 1 000 Dust from the Market Place taxes.

Faction - Shifters - (3 / 4)

Aurified - Win with the Allayi.
Shapeshifter - Have 100 force-shifted units, across any number of playthroughs.

Celebrate Diversity - Fight with an army, reinforcements included, having both Light and Dark forms of each of the Allayi units (Seeker, Skyfin and Monk).
Acquisitive Traveler - Extract 100 strategic or luxury resources in another empire, across any number of playthroughs.

Faction - Vaulters - (2 / 2)

So Outta Here - Win with the Vaulters.
Here Comes the Cavalry - With the Vaulters, teleport 10 units in a besieged city in one turn.

Faction - Wild Walkers - (2 / 2)

Share This! - Win with the Wild Walkers.
Float Like a Butterfly - With the Wild Walkers, win a battle against at least 4 enemies without taking any damage.

Heroes - (2 / 2)

A Byte of Barons - Have 8 heroes in one game.
Endless Leveling - Level up a hero to level 15.

Ice - (0 / 2)

Like Peipus - Start and win a battle on frozen waters.
Berezina - Lose one army due to the thaw.

Multiplayer - (0 / 2)

Press the Flesh - Play a game in multiplayer with at least one another human.
Cage Match - Win a game in multiplayer with at least one another human.

Quests - (3 / 3)

Epilogue - Finish the last chapter of a faction quest.
Teamworker - Contribute to a completed Co-operative Quest.
Endless Day - the ruins all across Auriga, and even throughout...

Victory Type - (9 / 9)

Bigger Is Better - Win an Expansion Victory.
Maybe It Does Buy Happiness - Win an Economic Victory.
Diplomanic - Win a Diplomatic Victory.
Dice with the Universe - Win a Science Victory.
Numbers. They Don't Lie. - Win a Score Victory.
Mwa ha ha ha haaa! - Win a Supremacy Victory.
I Am the Eternal End - Win an Elimination Victory.
Loremeister - Win a Quest Victory.
Gaze Upon It and Tremble! - Win a Wonder Victory.

No class for ALL_FORTRESSES - Maritime Monopoly ... Control every Fortress in the world.
No class for ALL_UNIQUE_FACILITIES - Facility Completionist ... Control each of the unique facilities across any number of playthroughs.
No class for OCEAN_CONTROL_WITH_TRADE - By Any Means ... Complete your control of an ocean by trading for a Fortress.
No class for FOG_BANK_AMBUSH - Surprise! ... Ambush an enemy army from a fog-bank.
No class for ATTACK_LAND_WITH_SUBMERSIBLE - It Came from the Depths ... Attack an army containing only land units with an army containing only submersible units.
No class for FOMORIAN_QUEST_COMPLETER - Maritime Myths ... Complete 5 quests for the Fomorians in a single game.
No class for FOMORIAN_FORTRESS_CAPTURE - Fomorian-bane ... Capture 50 Fomorian-controlled Fortresses across any number of playthroughs.
No class for BATTLE_FOMORIANS_VARIETY - Full Deck ... Win a battle using an army containing each type of Fomorian warship.
No class for SEA_DEMONS_NO_LAND_UNITS - Xerophobic ... As Morgawr, win the game without ever building or purchasing land units (except for Settler units).
No class for SEA_DEMONS_OCEANIC_HUB - Mare Nostrum ... As Morgawr, control an ocean which borders 4 or more land regions you control.
No class for SEA_DEMONS_4_CONTINENTS - The Sun Never Sets ... As Morgawr, control one region on at least 4 different continents.
No class for BLACK_SPOT_USED - Black Spot, Clean Hands ... As Morgawr, use a Black Spot to prompt the elimination of an empire by a third party.
No class for FACTIONSEADEMONS_VICTORY - The Grim Wave ... Win a game with the Morgawr.
No class for SEA_MONSTER_KILLED - Go back to R'lyeh ...
No class for SEA_MONSTER_FAILED - The Great Old One ...
No class for SHARED_VICTORY - United Empires ... Win a Shared Victory.
No class for FACTIONFLAMES_VICTORY - Golems Rule! ... Achieve victory with the Kapaku.
No class for TILES_TERRAFORMED_OVERALL - A World Of Fire And Ash ... Volcanoform 400 tiles over any number of playthroughs.
No class for ALL_GEOMANCY_BUFFS - Geomancer's Delight ... Possess a unit with all Geomancy buffs active simultaneously.
No class for ENEMY_EXPLOITATION_TERRAFORMED - Scorched Earth Policy ... Volcanoform an enemy city's entire exploited tiles.
No class for DUST_STORM_AMBUSH - Dustjacker ... Ambush an enemy army from a Dust Blizzard.
No class for ALL_MAP_BOOSTS_BUFFS - A Total Eclipse Of The Art ... Possess an army with all Dust Eclipse map-based buffs active simultaneously.
No class for MAD_SEASON_TEMPLES_INVESTIGATION - Night Rider ... Search 12 Temples in a single Dust Eclipse.
No class for MAD_FAIRIES_HIGH_SPEED_JOURNEY - Speed Walker ... Move an army 20 tiles in a single turn with the Wild Walkers.
No class for BROKEN_LORDS_DUST_CONSUMER_OVERALL - Pyromaniac ... Sacrifice 8000 total HP using Soul Burn over any number of playthroughs.
No class for VAULTERS_TELEPORT_TO_SIEGING_HERO - Finest Vault Reserves ... Teleport 5 or more units to a sieging Vaulter hero.
No class for NECROPHAGES_BATTLEBORN_CREATOR - Cold Cuts ... Spawn 30 Battle Born using Cadaver stockpiles in a single game.
No class for RAGE_WIZARDS_CRITICAL_DAMAGE - Share The Pain ... Inflict 800 damage with a single unit in a single attack as the Ardent Mages.
No class for ROVING_CLANS_HERO_KILLER_SETSEKE - Beetlejuiced ... Kill an enemy hero with a Setseke.
No class for DRAKKENS_INSTANT_WORLD_PEACE - Peace Talker ... Restore the peace with a least 3 empires within a single turn.
No class for CULTISTS_MINIONS_LEGION - Machiavellian ... Win 8 battles with armies exclusively composed of minor faction units within a single turn.
No class for FACTIONMIMICS_VICTORY - Mildew'd ... Win with the Mykara.
No class for SPORETASTIC - Sporetastic ... Create 1000 Fungal Blooms across any number of playthroughs.
No class for CREEPING_SPREE - Blooming Marvelous ... Create 50 Fungal Blooms in a single game.
No class for RESISTANCE_IS_FUTILE - Resistance is Futile ... Integrate 7 factions in a single game.
No class for WELCOME_TO_THE_FOLD - Welcome to the Fold ... Control 20 Overgrown Cities at the same time.
No class for MONSTER_WRANGLER - Monster Wrangler ... Control all 3 Urkans at the same time.
No class for SHADOW_OF_THE_COLOSSI - Shadow of the Colossi ... Have all 3 Urkans affect a single one of your cities at the same time.
No class for THE_EXTERMINATOR - The Exterminator ... Kill 1000 Lice units across any number of playthroughs.
No class for SHAKE_YOUR_FUNDATIONS - Shake your Foundations ... Deal 1 000 000 damage with Tremors over any number of playthroughs.
No class for CATCH_AND_RELEASE - Catch and Release ... Take control of an Urkan owned by another faction and set it free (in the same turn).

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